Regulatory Hosting Services

Met Facilities provides full regulatory hosting solutions within its regulatory incubation platform providing your firm with all relevant permissions, allowing you to undertake a wide range of activities.

Met Facilities regulatory hosting platform services diagram

Regulatory Hosting Platform

  • Regulatory Umbrella
  • Appointed Representatives
  • Controlled Functions (APPROVED PERSON)
  • Direct Authorisation
  • Compliance & Risk Monitoring
  • Compliance Oversight
  • Compliance Training

Regulatory Hosting Platform

  • Compliance SOS
  • Client on-boarding
  • Direct Authorisation
  • KYC
  • DD

Advisory Info

  • Entity Setup
  • Regulation & Compliance
  • Advisory Specialist Services


  • Clearer Setup
  • Documentation
  • Settlement, Custody & Corporate Action
  • Fund Administration
  • Financial Accounting


  • Office Space
  • Office Services


  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing


  • IT Hardware & Infrastructure
  • IT Support & Maintenance
  • Business Intelligence

Tackling problems, granting permissions.

Our regulatory umbrella provides the relevant regulatory permissions to enable you to conduct regulated activities, fulfilling all your compliance obligations and processes. As an Appointed Representative, or as individuals acting as Approved Persons, Met Facilities will provide the necessary regulatory architecture that matches your business activity.

Plug-and-play solutions

Met Facilities can adapt its regulatory hosting solution to client requirements. We will complete the registration process, and get you up and running in a matter of weeks. Our regulatory umbrella then provides ongoing compliance and risk monitoring as well as an infrastructure in which we engage, listen and offer ongoing compliance training and support.

Initial Services:

  • Regulatory Hosting Services
  • Regulatory Incubation Platform
  • Appointed Representative
  • Controlled Functions
  • Tied Agents

Ongoing Services:

  • Compliance monitoring
  • Compliance training
  • Full regulatory authorisation


Please get in touch either via email,, or phone, +44 (0) 207 604 5777, to find out how we can facilitate your business.

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