From inception in 2002, the Met Group has grown from a proprietary trading firm to a diversified, innovative and entrepreneurial group of financial services companies. 

Our growth has seen our requirements for office space grow significantly. Initially Met Traders began at 79 Maygrove Road and, as additional companies were formed and talented traders joined, we expanded over multiple floors and buildings. However, as the expansion continued and with business such as Met Facilities growing their client base, it wasn’t long till the call of central London had to be answered. We now have a great blend of office space with our HQ in the vibrant heart of Fitzrovia and the leafy suburbs of Hampstead providing a great lifestyle for our traders.

Head Office:
42-44 Newman Street

Our Head Office houses a number of businesses including Met Facilities, Seraphim Asset Management and Project Met, our property development arm. In addition, it is the primary office for our Directors, operational, finance and compliance teams.

For Met Facilities clients it can be utilised as a meeting room with investors/other clients or a quiet spot to simply hop on the wifi.

77-79 Maygrove Road

Our West Hampstead office houses our proprietary trading, market-making and asset management firms as well as our IT team. It is where the Met Traders trading programme is conducted and our graduate traders are based. In addition we offer desk space for independent and self-backed traders.