About Us

A leading provider of an FCA regulatory hosting umbrella

Founded in 2002, the Met Group has prospered through a diversification strategy that has built our expertise in a vast array of financial services activities. Even today the Met Facilities regulatory hosting umbrella continues to provide services to companies within the Met Group, so we hold ourselves to the same quality of service that our clients demand.

It is this experience, commercial focus and attention to detail which makes Met Facilities a leading provider of regulatory permissions. We will be able to understand your business quickly and ensure our regulatory hosting solution is tailored accordingly.

Entrepreneurial  Diversified  Knowledgeable

Operating for over a decade, the Met Group has experience in a multitude of financial activity disciplines. Currently the Group consists of a number of active companies involved in proprietary trading, market-making, brokerage, asset management, a trader training program, and regulatory services.

Over the years, we have also helped launch and grow a number of entrepreneurial ventures including hedge funds, legal support providers and property developments. This means Met Facilities is able to provide an integrated and comprehensive platform with access to all the elements required for a successful and sustainable business.

To learn more about the Met Group, visit our group website by clicking on the company links below.